Q&H's Guolee Successfully Navigates Client Through Nationwide E.coli Breakout Litigation

Terrence GuoleeQuerrey & Harrow Shareholder Terrence Guolee recently completed the defense of a Chicago-area food manufacturer/distributor implicated in dozens of claims following a nationwide E.coli breakout, which led to over 30 different plaintiffs/claimants complaining in many cases of very serious illnesses. Indeed, claims were filed in several different Federal and State courts and litigation continued before various state and federal regulatory agencies.

In the case, early inspection of the client's contract manufacturer located in Kentucky clearly documented the cause of the breakout to be the lack of proper sanitary protections by the client's vendor. The matter then went through an extended period of work with the client's insurers, discovery on the details of the various claimants' medical claims and settlement negotiations leading to the settlement of all claims at levels projected by Terrence months before the final resolution of the claims. Moreover, the dismissal of claims occurred under conditions that fully protect the owners and management of the client.  

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