May 2010

Q&H Obtains Dismissal of Civil Rights Claims Against Three Officers Following From Fight and Arrest at Chicago White Sox Game

Chicago office shareholder Terrence Guolee and associate Matt Daley recently obtained an order dismissing negligence and Section 1983 excessive force and false arrest civil rights claims against three officers from a suburban Chicago police department. In the case, the off-duty officers responded to a fight in a beer line between a fellow officer and another man at a Chicago White Sox game, subduing the man. Following the acquittal of criminal charges against the other man, the man filed claims against the officers asserting they used excessive force and falsely arrested him. However, Terrence and Matt obtained an order dismissing the cases as having been filed outside applicable statutes of limitation.

Q&H Wins Two Civil Rights Cases in Seventh Circuit

Congratulations to Q&H Shareholders Dan Gallagher, Terrence Guolee, Dominick Lanzito and Christopher Keleher who received two orders on April 22, 2010 from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirming summary judgment orders obtained in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

In the cases, two Cook County Jail Guards alleged various civil rights violations and malicious prosecution claims following their being suspended with pay and eventually arrested after being identified by female jail detainees as having had sexual relations with prisoners. Following being acquitted of the criminal charges in their criminal trials, the guards sued. Q&H attorneys were then appointed by the Cook County Chancery Court as Special State's Attorneys to represent the Cook County Sheriff's Office and various management personnel in the office.

Following very extensive investigation and discovery, Q&H documented that the suspensions and the officers' arrests were proper based on the probable cause that existed to show that the officers had potentially engaged in criminal behavior and had violated various rules of the Cook County Department of Corrections.

The cases are reported at: Swearnigen-El v. Cook County Sheriff's Dept., No. 09-2709 (April 22, 2010) and Egonmwan v. Cook County Sheriff's Dept., No. 09-2764 (April 22, 2010).

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