March 2010

Q&H Defeats Federal Civil Rights Claim

Terrence Guolee and Alicia Garcia obtained a not liable verdict from the jury for their clients, two police officers, following a trial in front of Federal District Court Judge Matthew Kennelly. In the case, the officers responded to a violent domestic dispute. In their effort to apprehend the assailant, the officers entered the apartment of another resident in the building, believing they were heading to the rear of the building where other officers had radioed that a man fitting the description of the assailant was seen. The plaintiff sued, asserting that the officers violated her civil rights in entering what turned out to be her apartment without a warrant. Terrence and Alicia obtained the dismissal by plaintiff of the supervising sergeant at the beginning of the trial. The case then proceeded on the cases against the officers. The jury returned its verdict in favor of Q&H's clients after only 50 minutes of deliberations.

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