UPDATE #2: Guolee and Callicoat Obtain Summary Judgment For Furniture Installer / Order Affirmed on Appeal

Guolee and Callicoat Obtain Summary Judgment For Furniture Installer / Order Affirmed Through Illinois Supreme Court Appeal

Terrence Guolee, a shareholder in our Chicago office, obtained summary judgment and dismissal of all product liability and negligence claims for a commercial furniture installation company in November 2014.

In the case, Plaintiff alleged she was severely injured when an office storage tower tipped over and fell on her. At the time of the order, Plaintiff’s settlement demand was $17 Million. However, Terrence was able to extract concessions from Plaintiff’s own liability experts that the client’s installation of the tower followed the specifications of the manufacturer - including that the tower be installed without counterweights, bolting or ganging. Shareholder Jason Callicoat assisted with briefing on the successful Motion for Summary Judgment and in the response to Plaintiff's unsuccessful Motion for Reconsideration. 

[UPDATE January 4, 2016] As originally mentioned as possible in the article above, counsel for the Plaintiff appealed the order of summary judgment. On December 24, 2015, the summary judgment order was affirmed by the Illinois First District Appellate Court in an unpublished Supreme Court Rule 23 opinion. A copy of the order is available at: http://www.illinoiscourts.gov/R23_Orders/AppellateCourt/2015/1stDistrict/1150112_R23.pdf

[UPDATE September 26, 2016] The Illinois Supreme Court denied Plaintiff's Petition for Leave to Appeal on this matter on September 26, 2016. The Mandate documenting the final dismissal of Plaintiff's case against Q&H's client is set to be delivered to the Circuit Court on November 1, 2016.

[UPDATE March 17, 2018] Q&H learned that the remaining lawsuit was settled by the other defendants for a total of $14,750,000. Obviously, we are pleased to have extracted our client from this major injury case.

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