February 2019 - Q&H's Guolee Successfully Navigates Client Through Nationwide E.coli Breakout Litigation

April 2018 - Q&H Wins Summary Judgment In Federal Trucking Insurance Fraud Case

March 2018 - Q&H Wins Major Victory in Wrongful Conviction Case Defense  

December 2017 - Q&H Prevails in Appellate Court. $14 Million Verdict Against Client Overruled 

July 2017 - Guolee Obtains Dismissal of Construction Management Services Contractor

July 2017 - Guolee and Schwartz Obtain Dismissal of Medical Imaging Center

October 2016 - Q&H's Callicoat Prevails in Condominium Flood Litigation 

October 2016 - Chris Johnston Wins Not-Liable Verdict in Rear-End Accident Defense

September 2016 - Guolee and Schwartz Obtain Dismissal of Consolidated Wrongful Death Auto Claims

June 2016 - Burke and Callicoat Apply Judicial Estoppel and Defeat Federal Court Warehouse/Trucking Claim

May 2016 - Guolee Assists Major Financial Institution in Wrongful Death Case

March 2015 - Guolee Wins Appeal in Illinois Second District - Talking on Cellphone a "Self-Created Distraction"

June 2014 - Lemley and Rettberg Win First Amendment Retaliation Appeal

May 2014 - Schoumacher to Head ISBA Construction Law Section

May 2014 - Querrey & Harrow Welcomes Mauri A. Thomas

January 2014 - Motion to Dismiss Interlocutory Appeal for Lack of Jurisdiction Granted

January 2014 -Successful Forum Non Conveniens Motion Dismisses All Illinois Claims against Two Georgia Defendants

January 2014 - Nicholas Johnson Elected as Shareholder

January 2014 -Summary Judgment Granted on Slip and Fall Claim Based on Insufficient Evidence

January 2014 -Q&H Clerks Provide Articles for Commercial Law Issue of the IDC Newsletter

November 2013 - Querrey & Harrow Congratulates Associate Megan Monaghan




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