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Our experience in the transportation industry spans more than 20 years and includes representation of interstate and intrastate trucking companies, railroad lines, common carriers, and mass transit.

Querrey & Harrow directly represents major self-insured interstate transportation firms, as well as interstate and intrastate trucking companies through major insurance carriers. Tom Burke is currently designated Illinois litigation counsel for one of the nation's largest national trucking companies.  Tom Carney, of counsel with Querrey & Harrow, handles that same company's Illinois employment claims.


We have significant experience in:

  • Truck, bus, and train accident litigation
  • Transportation Coverage and Contract Issue
  • Cargo Claims
  • Administrative Matters
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Retail businesses face a unique combination of legal issues with regard to its owners, employees, customers, independent contractors, and others.  Our attorneys have experience handling issues, such as:

  • contracts
  • employment policies and implementation
  • employee safety and training
  • real estate leasing and purchasing
  • trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets
  • premises maintenance and control issues (i.e., false arrest/malicious prosecution, open and obvious conditions, duty to maintain a safe environment).

Our attorneys have represented major grocers for more than 20 years and have been instrumental in establishing protections for retail enterprises in claims involving issues such as the natural accumulation of ice and snow.

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We regularly provide legal counsel to a number of small to large manufacturing companies in the operation of their diverse businesses, which include:

  • shopping carts
  • store fixtures and displays
  • restaurant kitchen equipment
  • water treatment systems
  • wire and cable manufacturers
  • metal products and materials, including copper and aluminum tubing, custom- machined forgings
  • railroad tank cars
  • heavy-duty truck trailers and fifth wheels
  • modification of OEM trucks, including conversions to all wheel drive, brake and suspension system modifications, and components for the after-markets
  • screws and other fasteners
  • vibrating conveyor systems
  • overhead garage doors
  • silkscreen imprinters of sportswear
  • glove manufacturer (protective industrial gloves;  utility gloves for consumers)



Typical assignments include drafting of (or analysis and suggested revisions to):

Supply agreements, including requirements contracts and outsourcing agreements (domestic and overseas sources of supplies)

Purchases and leases of production equipment

Bailments / warehousing / consignment arrangements

Distributorship agreements and commission agent agreements (some may provide exclusivity as to products or territories, based upon meeting defined sales/purchase goals)

Terms and Conditions of sale, including warranties, indemnifications, product recall provisions


Our Objectives

Unambiguous, "plain English" agreements, understandable by the operating personnel who are directly involved in the implementation and administration of the  agreements

Agreements that make economic sense for both parties

Dispute resolution provisions that promote resolutions made directly between the parties on commercial terms, without resort to litigation or to arbitration.