Guolee and Kowalczyk Prevail in Trucking Insurance Fraud Case

Guolee and Kowalczyk Prevail in Trucking Insurance Fraud CaseTerrence Guolee

Congrats to Q&H Shareholders Terrence Guolee and Larry Kowalczyk who rLarry Kowalczykecently prevailed in Federal court on behalf of a nationwide trucking insurance carrier, who came to Q&H concerned that expected premiums in a large trucking insurance program were not meeting expectations and the possibility of fraud. 

Following extensive investigation of the potential claims, involving dozens of subpoenas to the involved trucking carriers and the Illinois Department of Insurance, it was revealed that there were insurance premiums improperly retained by an insurance broker and its producer, who were found to have improperly amended monthly mileage submissions over several years from about 35 different trucking companies in order to retain insurance premiums owed to Q&H's client.

Following an intensive review of tens of thousands of pages of material accumulated during the insurance relationship and extended depositions of all involved personnel in the case, Terrence and Larry were successful in obtaining an unusual summary judgment order from the Federal District Court in favor of their Plaintiff on liability.

After this, the following litigation involved months of extremely complicated review of hundred's of thousands of pages of trucking records, policy documentation, years of emails and other documents compiled in the insurance relationship. Moreover, extensive review of the financial data by expert witnesses on all sides further documented the actual damages caused by the Defendants' improper actions.

In the end, the Defendants' counsel initiated settlement discussions in the weeks before the set trial date and the matter was settled with terms in favor of Q&H's client Insurer. 

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