QH80-LARGEQuerrey & Harrow has long been known as a top-quality litigation firm. During many of the past 30 years, we have ranked at or near the top of all Illinois firms for the number of cases taken to trial, and our success rate has been outstanding.

The following list of litigation successes includes only the most recent and biggest successes our attorneys have achieved:

** Prior results reported in this website do not guarantee similar outcomes. **


Q&H Wins Summary Judgment In Federal Trucking Insurance Fraud Case

Q&H Wins Major Victory in Alleged Coerced Confession Case Defense 

Q&H Prevails in Appellate Court. $14 Million Verdict Against Client Overruled

Q&H Obtains Dismissal of Construction Management Services Contractor

Q&H Obtains Dismissal for Medical Imaging Center


Q&H Prevails in Condominium Flood Litigation

Q&H Wins Not-Liable Verdict in Rear-End Accident Defense

Q&H Obtains Dismissal of Consolidated Wrongful Death Auto Claims

Q&H Applies Judicial Estoppel and Defeat Federal Court Warehouse/Trucking Claim

Q&H Assists Major Financial Institution in Wrongful Death Case

Q&H Wins Appeal in Illinois Second District - Talking on Cellphone a "Self-Created Distraction"

Q&H Obtain Summary Judgment For Furniture Installer

Q&H Wins First Amendment Retaliation Appeal

Motion to Dismiss Interlocutory Appeal for Lack of Jurisdiction Granted

Successful Forum Non Conveniens Motion Dismisses All Illinois Claims against Two Georgia Defendants

Querrey Wins in Sixth Circuit on Appointment in Criminal Appeal

Rettburg and Lemley Obtain Dismissal of Municipal Federal Class Action Claim

Querrey Wins in Second District Appellate Court

Case Successes - November/December 2011

Sharifi and Guolee Win in Federal Court Civil Rights Trial
Lemley Wins in Seventh Circuit

Case Successes - October 2011

Querrey Wins "Not Liable" Verdict For Chicago Police Department

Case Successes - September 2011

Querrey Wins In Seventh Circuit as Appointed Appellate Counsel

Case Successes - July 2011

Q&H Wins Federal Case Where Client Municipality Sued By Hells Angels

Seventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal of $80 Million Putative Class Action

Guolee Assists Skokie Park District on Use Agreement With The Talking Farm

Case Successes - May 2011

Halstead Wins Bench Trial in Title Insurance Case
Guolee Obtains Dismissal of Class Action Statutory Damage Claims

Madormo Obtains Not Guilty For Client in Binding Arbitration

Case Successes - April 2011

Q&H Obtains Summary Judgment in Premises Case
Q&H Obtains Dismissal of Dram Shop Claim

Case Successes - March 2011

Querrey &Harrow Obtain Dismissal On Behalf of Police Officer 
Querrey & Harrow Obtain Important Victory For Taxpayers In Seventh Circuit Antitrust Decision
Burden Obtains Summary Judgment for Homeowners Association Hat Trick of Success in Joliet Office

Case Successes - January 2011

Querrey &Harrow Obtains Judgment On Disbursement Claim
Johnston Obtains Excellent Settlement On Severe Medical Claim

Case Successes - December 2010

Rettberg and Callicoat Defeat First Amendment Political Retaliation Claim
De Angelis Obtains Summary Judgment For Homeowners Association
Q&H Wins Dismissal Of Civil Rights and Wrongful Death Claims Arising in Municipal Jail
Guolee Successfully Defends Village Before IDHR

Case Successes - November 2010

Q&H Successfully Defends Municipality's Issuance of Liquor License

Case Successes - October 2010

Q&H Obtains Dismissal of Landlords' Suit Against Village

Case Successes - September 2010

Guolee Obtains Dismissal in Two Serious Claims
Q&H Defeats Another Police Excessive Force Claim at Trial

Case Successes - August 2010

Q&H Defeats Section 1983 and Title VII Employment Claims

Case Successes - July 2010

Q&H Wins Another Case for Chicago Police Department
Rubin Completes Successful Copyright Mediation Between Trophy Manufacturers

Case Successes - June 2010

Q&H Suburban Office Attorneys Complete Not Guilty "Hat Trick"
Q&H Successful in Coverage Fight Involving Religious Order

Case Successes - May 2010

Q&H Obtains Dismissal of Civil Rights Claims Against Three Officers Following From Fight and Arrest at Chicago White Sox Game
Q&H Wins Two Civil Rights Cases in Seventh Circuit

Case Successes - April 2010

Guolee Defeats FLSA Class Action Claim

Case Successes - March 2010

Q&H Defeats Federal Civil Rights Claim

Case Successes - February 2010

Q&H Obtains Not Guilty Verdict in Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Case. $16 Million Jury Demand Averted.

Case Successes - January 2010

Q&H Obtains Dismissal in Construction Case
Q&H Municipal Practice Group Defeats Civil Rights Claim Brought By Police Officer
Q&H Wins Lawsuit Following Parking Spot Altercation
Q&H Prevails in Longstanding Insurance Coverage Dispute